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  3. Pink Floyd / Animals

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  4. "I’ll tell you this…
    No eternal reward will forgive us now
    For wasting the dawn."
    — Jim Morrison.

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  5. Resident mockery
    Give us an hour for magic
    We of the purple glove
    We of the starling flight
    & velvet hour
    We of Arabic pleasure’s breed
    We of sun-dome & the night

    Give us a creed

    To believe

    A night of lust

    Give us trust in

    The Night

    Give of color

    Hundred hues

    A rich mandala

    For me & for you

    & for your silky

    Pillowed house

    A head, wisdom

    & a bed

    Troubled decree

    Resident mockery

    Has claimed thee

    We used to believe

    In the good old days

    We still receive

    In little ways

    The things of Kindness

    & unsporting brow

    Forget & allow.

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  6. The Outsiders.

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  7. Madchen Amick / Twin Peaks.

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  9. Trainspotting.

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  10. Selfie.

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  12. Twin Peaks.

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  14. Taxi Driver.

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