1. Sherilyn Fenn (1988).

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  5. Francis Ford Coppola.

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  10. George Harrison 1967 



  11. Tourist locked inside Waterstones bookshop uses Twitter to be freed

    An American tourist found himself locked inside a London Waterstones bookshop for two hours after it closed while he was still browsing.

    David Willis, from Texas, got trapped in the branch in Trafalgar Square, on Thursday night.

    Police were called after he let people know of his situation on Twitter and someone came to let him out.

    When he was finally released, he tweeted: “I’m free.” Branch manager Matt Atkins said they were “mortified”.

    'Please let me out'

    Mr Willis said he had been upstairs in the shop for 15 minutes and when he came down all the lights were out and the doors locked.

    He posted a picture of himself on Instagram behind shutters with the message: “This is me locked inside a Waterstones bookstore in London.”

    In a later post, which by Friday afternoon had been retweeted by more than 12,000 people, he tweeted: “Hi Waterstones, I’ve been locked inside of your Trafalgar Square bookstore for two hours now. Please let me out.”

    He received hundreds of replies, with many people asking him if he was taking the opportunity to read some books, others saying they would love to be locked in a bookshop and more than one suggesting he should build a fort out of books.

    Eventually Waterstones posted a message on its Twitter feed saying: “We’re pleased to announce that Mr Willis is a free man once more. Thanks for your concern and tweets.”

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  14. Joan Jett.

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