1. Salvador Dali


  2. bjork


  3. Joan Jett


  4. Debbie Harry


  5. Phil Spector,


  6. Iggy Pop


  7. marie, cherieCurry vicki


  8. Duran Duran



  10. suicideblonde:

    Scout Taylour Compton and Haley Bennett photographed by Terry Richardson


  11. suicideblonde:

    Bjork by Juergen Teller


  12. (via moonweed)


  13. (via dandelion-wine)

    A sexy hot nun smoking surely i shall burn in hell for all eternity for wanting to smoke that cigerette after this sexy nuns finished with it…..lol

  14. warningdontreadthis:

    Natalie Portman


  15. Victor Bockris and Debbie Harry of Blondie attend Combat Love at the Mudd Club.